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    |Big News| QS Motor Small Power Hub Motors on big Sale

    2016-08-18 08:11:30 Vito Ho Click:

    Accordingly to QS Motor's management decision, we eager to increase sales of small power hub motor for exporting.

    All the price of small power hub motor from 500W to 1500W motor are under significant adjustment.

    Moreover, the price offline will be much better than the price online.

    With the limited 2pcs sample maximum for each customer, MOQ 20pcs after testing samples.

    E.g. QS Motor 12inch 1500W 260 30H V1 E-Scooter Hub Motor,

    EXW, USD 99.0/piece online, USD 85.5/piece offline (limited 2pcs sample).

    PS. The quotation base on the exchange rate.


    For 10inch 205 500W-4000W Hub Motor

    For 12inch 205 1000W-3000W Hub Motor

    For 12inch 260 1500W-5000W Hub Motor

    Welcome to inquire the price! : )

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